Mil-Spec D & B-Series Tucked Engine Wiring harness

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The D-series & B-Series OBD1 Mil-spec wire harness is cross-compatible with both engine types.
This harness uses Mil-Spec Teflon coated wire with a maximum heat rating of 200°C . The Teflon coated wire is loomed with The highest quality Raychem DR-25 heat shrink covering, and adhesive lined wire junctions to keep moisture out. Each connector is crimped with pneumatic heads to ensure an OEM crimp every time, then tagged with a yellow identification labels for easy installation. All heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded with proper wire covering. New Harness NO Core Required

Mil-Spec harnesses are 100% quality tested pin to pin, and resistance checked to ensure no voltage fluctuations. These are the best harnesses money can buy.

 *Firewall mounted Mil-Spec connector offered that will allow easy engine removal for quick engine changes and customization. It can be added to any Mil-Spec wire harness for a small charge.

All Mil-Spec wire harnesses are made with OBD1 (92-95) ECU Connectors attached, please inquire about obd2 ecu harnesses and jumpers.

 Mil-Spec wire harnesses are made with both obd1 and obd2 component connector styles. Both styles available. I.E. OBD1 Alternator, Injectors, and Distributor connectors. As well as OBD2 Alternator, Injector and Distributor connectors.

Each harness will come with a custom back side sub-harness that will be proprietary to the chassis you choose on the drop down menu. This way if you ever change chassis you will only need a new sub-harness, not a whole new wire loom!

These harnesses are warrantied and guaranteed to work, however they are non-refundable since they are often customized. Because the back-side (interior/shock tower connection) separates from the main harness, the engine harness can be used on multiple chassis provided the engine itself uses the same components. We sell the back-side harness separately only over the phone for previous Mil-spec customers.

If you're looking for a custom harness or option you can't find online, give us a call!


oil pressure sending unit knock sensor intake air temperature (intake manifold style) oxygen sensor (primary 4 wire) alternator 2 extra wires injector 1-4 map tps idle control motor electronic speed sensor ground fan switch distributor h20 sending unit (for gauge cluster) reverse lights engine coolant temp starter signal vtec solenoid` ecu plugs A,B,D power distribution cap Attention Accord and Prelude owners: We may need to borrow your stock Prelude/Accord engine harness for reference of the shock tower configuration to complete your harness. This allows for the easy installation we are known for. Some models we have specs for, but the Prelude and Accord models vary so much that we would rather be 100% certain it's an exact match by having your harness to compare to.

Options: Component Type: This option tells us which type of Injector, Distributor and Alternator plugs to put on your harness. We do not mix-and-match these plugs.

*Mil-spec Quick Disconnect plug: Would you like to add this? if so, select this option. Our harness does not come standard with this separation plug. Please note this option will add a 2 week lead time to this harness.

Vehicle Type: Select your vehicles chassis type. This tells us what interior subharness to use for your setup.

OBD2a ECU: If you would like to run this, this option will add the OBD1 to OBD2a ECU adapter.

Charge Harness: The "non-separated charge harness" option will add the Starter wire if you're relocating your fuse box inside the cabin and no longer using your factory 'battery -> starter -> fusebox' cable. We Also have the "Separated charge harness" which is ideal with the quick-disconnect option.

*Generally Ships in 3-10 Business Days Depending on Selected Options

HARNESS CONNECTOR LIST:• Oil Pressure Sending Unit • Knock Sensor • Intake Air Temperature (Intake Manifold Style)• Oxygen Sensor (Primary 4 Wire) • Alternator • 2 Extra Wires• Injector 1-4 • MAP Sensor • TPS (Throttle position)
• Idle Control Motor • Electronic Speed Sensor • Ground
• Fan Switch • OBD1 Distributor plugs
• h20 Sending Unit (for Gauge Cluster)
• Reverse Lights • Engine Coolant Temp • Starter Signal
• VTEC Solenoid • OBD1 ECU Plugs A,B,D • Power Distribution Cap
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