We offer a full line of Nippon Racing products for you next build.

New Version Innovative Mounts Pro-Series Competition Bar/ Traction bar for 88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX applications. New lighter, stronger, more compact design with billet aluminum radius rods. Innovative Mounts Part# 96350
Innovative Mounts Conversion mount kit for 1988-1991 Honda Civic or CRX (ED/EE/EF). Designed to fit all B-Series motors (B16, B17, B18, B20) with cable type manual transmission. Innovative Mounts Part # 19150
Innovative Mounts B-Series Rear Mounting Bracket for the 90-93 Acura Integra (DA)/ 88-91 Honda Civic and CR-X (EF)
Designed to fit all B series motors. Part # 59331
Innovative Mounts Part # B59350
Billet Post Mount Bracket for all B-Series Engines 90-93 Acura Integra, or 88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX with a B-Series Motor Swap.

Innovative Mounts Part # 50031

Innovative Mounts Rear T Bracket Designed to fit all B series motors. CAD/CAM Designed. Stress Analyzed. Lifetime warranty.

Innovative Mounts Rear Engine Bracket for 92-95 Honda Civic, 94-01 Acura Integra, 93-97 del Sol with F/ H Series Engine Swap & Replacement Mounting Bracket for 1992-1996 M/T H22A Honda Prelude (BA/BB)
Innovative Mounts Part # 59630
Innovative Mounts Replacement mount for 1994-2001 Acura Integra DC2, 1992-1995 Honda Civic EG, and 93-97 Honda Del Sol with 3 Bolt Post Mount. Designed to fit all B and D series motors with hydraulic transmission. Part # 10150

Nippon Racing P72 V2 Integra GSR Turbo Flat Top Piston and Ring Set. Perfect for mild Naturally Aspirated and Higher Compression Turbo Builds. 100% Nippon Racing Pistons made in Japan.

Set includes:
-Nippon Racing Honda GS-R P72 High Compression Pistons (Press Fit or Full Floating)
-NPR Performance Gas nitrite coated rings**.
-Improved strength 9310 Wrist Pins

-Deep Valve Pockets for use with aftermarket cams up to Stage 3

Nippon Racing K20, K24 CTR Pistons RRC. 100% Made in Japan. Part # 13010-RRC-000

JDM PRC ITR Type-R K20/ K24 DC5 full floating piston and ring set.

Nippon Racing Hypereutetic PRC ITR K20/ K24 Pistons are a perfect addition to any Honda K-Series all motor engine build.

Hasport Performance mount kit for use with the stock B-series engine (with 3-bolt left-hand mount bracket) ?and transmission in the 94-01 Integra. These mounts will also work with D-series engines with 3-bolt timing left-hand mount bracket. This kit replaces the stock left, right and rear mounts. Part # DCSTK
Hasport Engine mount kit replacement kit for B and D series Engines (2 bolt post mount). Part # EKSTK2
BLOX Racing Part# BXPT-00500
• Oil filter block adapter (sandwich plate)
• 3/4 Boss to -6AN fitting ; Head to -6AN fitting
• Steel braided, Teflon coated oil feed line
• Alignment dowel pins
• 1/8 NPT plugs
Package Includes: NRG Quick Release Kit and NRG Short Hub. For other applications not directly listed please
 refer to part number.
This NRG Quick Release Package Includes: NRG Quick Release Kit, NRG Short Hub, and your choice of select NRG Steering Wheels. *For other applications not directly listed please refer to part number.
For use with all B16A , B18C, & Type R Motors or any B-Series Engine using a Type-R intake manifold, Skunk2, or Blox B-series Type-R style manifold.

KAIZENSPEED’s Version 2 H22 Timing Belt Tensioner directly replaces the stock H22 auto tensioner and eliminates the annoying H23 manual tensioner conversion. CNC
machined from billet aluminum with a Stainless Steel tension rod and jam
nut. No special adjustment wrench is needed with our tensioner!.

This D-series and B-series compatible wire-tuck engine harness is nearly identical to the Mil-spec engine harness line with the primary differences being the type of wire used, the single white wire color and expandable loom. New Harness NO Core Required

There are quite a few options available. Please look through them carefully to make sure you get the right parts! *Note due to current backup this harness may have a lead time.

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