*SSR PreOBD to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness Instructions:

 The following instructions will assist you in completing your installation of your *SSR OBD-0 to OBD-1 ECU conversion harness.

Additional Parts Needed:
Some additional plugs may be required, such as the OBD-1 or OBD-2 distributor plugs and the 4-wire 02 sensor plug. Other plugs, such as the VTEC solenoid plug, VTEC pressure switch plug and knock sensor plug may be required, depending on what ECU and engine your are running. It is recommended to use the original OBD-1 plugs for a cleaner installation. If you are unable to locate the plugs, you may splice directly in the existing plugs.

Wire Color Item Function:
• Blue - P02SHTC - 02 Sensor Heater Control (02BLK Wire)
• White - PH02S - 02 Sensor Signal (02 WHT Wire)
• Violet - VTS - VTEC Solenoid Signal
• Gray - VTM - VTEC Pressure Switch Signal
• Green - IAB - Intake Air Bypass Signal
• Orange – KS - Knock Sensor Signal
• Red or Pink (2) - IGP Power (IAB, 02, BLK Wire)
• Black or Brown - (3) -PG Ground - (SCS, VRM, 02 GRN Wire)
• Yellow – SCS - Service Check Signal

Installation Notes:
IAB is only used on certain engines and only looked for by certain ECU's (P72) & P13). For all other applications, it is not required.

SCS is used to check for the sensor codes. A toggle switch can be placed between the YLW wire and the BLK wire, or directly to a ground source. If you choose this options, keep the YLW wire covered so it does not make contact with anything that may activate the SCS.

IGP and PG (power and ground) connections are only recommendations and active locations on the ECU. Other locations may be used.

Distribution Wiring:
OBD-0 - OBD-1
Thick WHT - YLW/GRN 
Thin WHT - WHT

Match the same colors from the OBD-0 distributor to the new OBD-1 or OBD-2 distributor.

Some ECU's including both USDM and JDM may not require all of the connections listed above, as extra sensors are not used for a particular engine.

Please note that some sensors were already changed simplify the installation of a new OBD-1 or OBD-2 distributor. CKP-P with CKP-M wires have already been color matched to the OBD-0 wires. *SSR (Swap Shop Racing) is our house brand.