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BLOX PreOBD chassis to OBD I ECU Jumper

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This harness allows you to adapt a JDM or US OBDI M/T ECU into an 88-91 Civic, CRX or a 90-91 Integra, OBD0 Chassis.  Our harness also includes a 3’ pigtail to simplify wiring any additional or required sensors to complete the installation. BLOX Part # BXAC-00700

BLOX Racing ECU Jumper Harnesses make ECU wiring a snap and totally pain free.

BLOX Racing harnesses are made using a specially made, silicone fiber-reinforced wire providing better heat protection and resistance to oil than our competitors. Each connector is pinned to ensure that factory sensors are available to reuse. The secondary pigtail provides the necessary starting point to wire in a 4-wire oxygen sensor, VTEC solenoid and pressure switches and knock sensor. BLOX Racing has also included provisions for set-ups choosing to reuse the factory IAB solenoid.

Using an OBD1 ECU provides greater tuning capabilities for high horsepower engine builds.

For this particular application, this harness will connect an OBD1 harness to an OBD0 chassis.



P28, P30, P61, P72, P91, P08
OBD0 chassis

88-91 Honda Civic, CRX with MPFI
90-91 Acura Integra with MPFI


The *SSR PreOBD to OBD1 ECU jumper allows the adaptation of a 92-95 OBD1 VTEC or Non-VTEC ECU into an OBD-0 vehicle. The extra pig tail harness allows easy wiring for a 4-wire 02 sensor, VTEC solenoid & pressure switch, knock sensor, and IAB solenoid (if applicable). Instruction sheet included.

Compatible vehicles:

88-91 Civic/CRX HF/Si/EX - multi-point fuel injection models
(STD & DX models require additional wiring)

90-91 Integra (all models)


Additional parts required to complete conversion:

OBD1 distributor
OBD1/2 4-wire 02 sensor

Intended for off road use only

*SSR (Swap Shop Racing) is our House Brand