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SSR PreOBD chassis to OBD I ECU (Conversion Harness)

Swap Shop Racing
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This harness allows you to adapt a JDM or US OBDI M/T ECU into an 88-91 Civic, CRX or a 90-91 Integra, OBD0 Chassis.  Our harness also includes a 3’ pigtail to simplify wiring any additional or required sensors to complete the installation. Part # CECU-008


The *SSR PreOBD to OBD1 ECU jumper allows the adaptation of a 92-95 OBD1 VTEC or Non-VTEC ECU into an OBD-0 vehicle. The extra pig tail harness allows easy wiring for a 4-wire 02 sensor, VTEC solenoid & pressure switch, knock sensor, and IAB solenoid (if applicable). Instruction sheet included.

Compatible vehicles:

88-91 Civic/CRX HF/Si/EX - multi-point fuel injection models
(STD & DX models require additional wiring)

90-91 Integra (all models)


Additional parts required to complete conversion:

OBD1 distributor
OBD1/2 4-wire 02 sensor

Intended for off road use only

*SSR (Swap Shop Racing) is our House Brand


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