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BLOX 70mm Tuner Series Throttle Body

BLOX Racing Part# BXIM-00213
These throttle bodies are cast in aluminum and are direct-fit for the Honda B/D/H and F-series engines. The Tuner Series throttle body looks and feels like an OEM unit but definitely out performs it. The larger bore sizes help optimize incoming airflow and increases horsepower and torque. BLOX Racing Tuner Series throttle bodies include matching gaskets. TPS sold separately.

BLOX Adjustable Front Camber Kit 94-01 Integra, 92-95 Civic

BLOX Racing Front Camber Kit - 1994-2001 Acura Integra / 1992-1995 Honda Civic/Del Sol
Part# BXSS-20201

BLOX Adjustable Front Camber Kit 96-00 Civic

BLOX Racing Front Camber Kit 1996-2000 Honda Civic EK
Part# BXSS-20202

BLOX Racing adjustable rear toe kits 92-00 Civic/ 90-01 Integra

BLOX Racing adjustable rear toe kits are designed to allow the suspension tuner to quickly adjust the toe settings. Part # BXSS-20102

Fits 88-00 Honda Civic & 90-01 Acura Integra

Blox Racing Aluminum Radiator 92-00 Honda Civic

Blox Racing Aluminum Radiator (1/2 Core, 2 Row), for Honda Civic 92-00 Part # BXCC-00101
18.75" H x 14.5" W x 4" D


BLOX Part# BLX-BXSS-20101

Buddy Club P1 Racing Extended Ball Joints 92-00 Civic / 94-01 Integra

Buddy Club Part# BC-02-BJP1-H002. By extending the ball-joint of the front lower control arm, the Buddy Club P1 Racing Ball Joint raises the roll canter and brings it closer to the center of gravity, thus increasing the vehicles roll stiffness and eliminating any unwanted side-effects to the vehicles suspension geometry.

Circuit Hero Laser Grip Type-B Shift Knob

Circuit Hero Part# CH-TD
-81mm tall
-44mm diameter tapering down to 22mm
-15.7mm Coutersink Depth
-Laser Grip for precision shifting
-CNC billet stainless steel
-Machined or polished finish
-Heavy 440 grams/ 15 oz counter weighted

Circuit Hero V2 Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

The Circuit Hero billet steering wheel hub is machined out of a single solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum. There was no shortcuts in the creation of this hub. At 3" tall, hubs will still work great with quick-releases or hub extenders. This will be the easiest steering hub you will ever install on your car!
Part# CH-SWH

EBC Green Stuff 2000 Series Front Brake Pads For Honda Civic DP2911

EBC Part # DP2911
Fitment: Honda Accord Sedan (1.8L) 84-85, Civic Coupe DX (1.5L) 93-95, Civic Coupe DX/HX (1.6L) 96-01, Civic H/B (1.5L) 88-95, Civic H/B (1.6L) 88-00, Civic Sedan (1.5L) 88-95, Civic Sedan (1.6L) 88-89, Civic Sedan ((1.6L) 94-01, Civic Wagon (1.5L/2WD) 88-91, CRX DX (1.5L) 88-91, CRX Si (1.6L) 88-89, Del Sol (1.5L/1.6L) 93-97 (Exc. VTEC & ABS).

Grams Performance K-Series 550cc/min. Fuel Injector Kit

Includes four Grams Performance 550cc/min. Fuel Injectors and four Pigtail Adapter Harnesses. Part # G2-0550-0501

Innovative Mounts Civic/CRX/ Integra Billet Mount Kit

Available in Innovative's signature look of black finish or the classic machine finish. Innovative Mounts Billet mount kits are CNC Machined from 6061 Aluminum. Unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings. CAD/CAM Designed. Stress Analyzed. Lifetime warranty

Mishimoto Honda Prelude Performance Aluminum Radiator 1997-2001

Mishimoto 97-01 Honda Prelude Manual Aluminum Radiator

Direct fit for the 1997-01 Honda Prelude
Mishimoto Part # MMRAD-PRE97

MOMO Eagle Steering Wheel 350mm

Top Grain black leather and Airleather insert. Anthracite spokes and button.
A MOMO hub is required for installation. Momo Part # EAG35BK0S

Momo Monte Carlo Steering Wheel 350mm Black Alcantara Suede w/Red Stitching

This is a custom version of the Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel with Alcantara suede grips with red stitching in a 350mm size. Momo Part # MCL35AL3B

Momo Monte Carlo Steering Wheel 350mm Black Leather w Yellow Stitching

Black Leather, Yellow Stitch, Black Spokes

NRG 143 Red Heart Shape Quick Release

NRG Heart Shaped 143 quick release made in collaboration with The Prisma Lab. NRG's best selling Quick Release that features many options that conventional ball-locking quick release system do not. The Generation 2.0 is specially engineered with raised sections to prevent the scratching and stretching of the hub while a self locking feature adds increased safety and functionality. Each unit is made from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum and is anodized for maximum durability and finish.

2.5" in Depth
Collaboration with The Prisma Lab
Horn wires included
Heart Shape Ring Flares
6x70mm & 6x74mm bolt pattern on the steering wheel side
NRG Innovations Part# SRK-143RD

NRG 320mm Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel w/ Red stitch RST-024MB-R-RD

NRG Innovations Part# RST-024MB-R-RD
-320mm( 12.6") Width
-300mm( 11.8") Tall
-Zero Dish
-Black Leather
-Red Stitching
-Red Center Mark
-Horn Button and Hardware Included

NRG 350mm Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Black Carbon Oval ST-013CFCF

New addition to carbon fiber series flat bottom steering wheel. This wheel has black stitching and a wet carbon fiber plus leather handle bar. 350mm to show off it's handle and durability. 3 black spokes with carbon fiber spoke in the middle. Whether you’re braking late to steal your rivals’ apex or cruising around town make NRG Innovations your number one choice for steering wheels.
NRG Innovations Part # ST-013CFCF

NRG 350mm RST-037MB-S Suede Steering Wheel

NRG Innovations Part# RST-037MB-S
-Premium Perforated Suede
-Black Stitch
-Diameter 350mm / 13.8"
-1" Deep Dish
-5mm aluminum Spoke
*We are an Authorized Direct NRG Dealer

NRG 350mm RST-037MB-SA-M3 Suede Steering Wheel M3 Style

NRG Innovations Part# RST-037MB-SA-M3
-Premium Perforated Microfiber Suede
-Blue and Red Stitching
-Diameter 350mm / 13.8"
-1" Deep Dish
-5mm aluminum Spoke
-M3 Color Indicator strip
*We are an Authorized Direct NRG Dealer

NRG 350mm Sport Steering Wheel (2 Deep) White Leather with White Stitching

NRG Innovations Part# RST-006-WT-Y
-Premium  White Leather
-White Stitch
-350mm / 13.78"
-5mm spoke
-2" Deep Dish
-Yellow Center Mark
-Silver Spoke with Round Holes

NRG 350mm Sport Steering Wheel (3 Deep) - Suede with Black Stitching

NRG Innovations Part# RST-006S
-Premium Suede
-Black Stitch
-350mm / 13.78"
-5mm spoke
-3" Deep Dish
-Black Spoke with Round Holes

NRG 350mm Suede Steering Wheel Neochrome Spoke with Black Stitching

NRG Innovations Part# RST-018S-MCBS
- Premium Suede
- Black Stitch
- Neochrome Spoke
- 350mm or 13.7" Width
- 5mm thickness with slits
- 3" Deep Dish

NRG Black Stitch Deep Dish 350mm Leather Steering Wheel

"ODI" Aurimas Bakchis Inspired Steering Wheel
NRG Innovations Part# RST-036MB-R
-Premium Leather
-Black Stitch
-Diameter 350mm / 13.73" Deep Dish with Signature | Name
-5mm Steel Matte Black Spoke