*SSR 96-00 Civic B-Series & H22A Engine Wiring Harness Conversion (*Cores Required)

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This conversion will make your 96-00 Civic compatible with a B-Series or H-Series engine. *Core Required (see more details for further information).
Note: We only support Internal coil distributors on H-Series Swaps. You can install any OBD1 coil into your External coil USDM H-Series distributor with very little modification.

You will send us your 96-00 Civic engine harness, and the B-Series or H-Series engine harness and we will send you back your harness modified for your new swap. The H-Series option will also work with H2B Swaps. 

You pay shipping of your core harness to us, and select your return shipping method upon checkout.

Our address is: Swap Shop Racing 10980 Arrow Route #102 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

We will de-pin plugs where possible, and solder/ heat-shrink where we cannot de-pin. The harness is  as plug and play as possible when you get it back, all added wires are run to the OBD2 ECU plugs.

If you choose to use Low-Impedance Injectors (H22A Swaps) you will need an injector resistor box.

*What we need from you:
- Un-modified 96-00 Civic Engine Harness
- Complete B16A, B18C, B18A, B18B, or H22A engine harness (must match your engine).
If you do not have a core Engine Harness please purchase one of the harnesses below or contact us by phone or email.

Please Click on the link below that best describes your Swap if you do not have a Core:
OBD1 Budget B-series Engine Harness (OBD1 Engine B-Series Motor Swap)
OBD2 Budget B-series Engine Harness (OBD2 Engine B-Series Motor Swap)
Mil-Spec F-Series & H-Series Wiring harness (For H-Series Motor Swaps)


Please Note that we only do harness for M/T Swaps. *SSR H-Series Swap Harness' are compatible with the following ECU's: P28/ P30/ P72/ P73. Other ECU's may require further harness modification or may not be compatible. Please allow 2-6 weeks for this harness to be completed from the time we receive both your payment and cores.

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