JDM Nippon Racing P73 ITR Integra Type-R Piston Set w Rings

Nippon Racing
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JDM B18C Integra Type-R Press Fit Piston & Ring Set**. Nippon Racing Hypereutectic P73-00 Pistons are a Perfect Addition to any Honda or Acura B-Series all motor or LS-VTEC Engine Build.

**Free Shipping on all Nippon Racing Piston Sets

Nippon Racing JDM P73 Pistons are Heat Treated and come with a Ceramic Hard Anodized Surface Down to the Second Ring Groove to Improve Heat Dissipation as well as use with Nitrous. These Pistons are equipped with 4 Cryogenically heat treated 21MM wrist pis and teflon coated skirts.

*This kit is a Press Fit Piston set meaning that they are designed to be used with OEM Original Honda Rods. If you have aftermarket rods, please purchase the Full Floating version of this kit.

All Nippon Racing Pistons set are weight matched to +/- 1 grams. Nippon Pistons also have deeper valve pockets than traditional Honda P73 pistons to a allow aftermarket camshafts up to Stage 3. These are true high performance pistons with a horsepower rate of 600HP.
The rod housing has been expanded, so there is no need for custom milled rods with these pistons.

Estimated Compression Ratios are as follows:81MM B18A/B W/PR3 HEAD 11.8:1
81M B18A/B W/P72 HEAD 12:1
81MM B18C W/PR3 HEAD 11.4:1
81MM B18C W/P72 HEAD 11.7:1
Add .02 FOR every .50MM in increased diameter

**Rings may be NPR, GNH or Hastings depending on availability

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