Rywire Drive By Wire Pedal Kit

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Rywire Honda EG/DC/EK Drive By Wire Pedal Kit (For Stand Alone ECU Only)

This Drive-By-Wire (DBW) pedal kit was designed for the Honda EG/DC and EK chassis.

There is a high possibility that it may work on MOST Honda platforms as well as some other model vehicles.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that you will need an engine/motor computer that can accept a throttle-by-wire input, as well as the ability to scale the sensor potentiometer. You will also need an electronic throttle body if you are using a gas engine with your system.

What is included with this kit:

-New OEM pedal
-Powder coated pedal bracket
-Pedal mounting hardware
-Pedal connector kit with loose seals and terminals

Connector Pinnout (look for the numbers on connector)
1. pedal 5V+
2. signal 2
3. pedal 5V+
4. pedal 0v ground
5. signal 1
6. pedal 0v ground

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