K-Series Harnesses

Hybrid Racing K-Series Plug & Play Harness Conversion

Required when doing K-Series swaps. Available applications: 88-91 Civic/ CRX EF*, 92-00 Civic (EG/ EK) & 94-01 Integra DC. Brand new connectors and pins sourced from the same company Honda uses.

K-Tuned K-Swap Conversion Harness Civic/CRX 88-91 (EF)

K-Tuned Part # KTH-88-91 (Applications: 1998-1991 EF Civic & CRX)

K-Tuned K-Swap Conversion Harness EG/DC2

K-Tuned Part # KTH-EG-DC2
For 92-95 EG Civic & 94-01 DC2 Integra

K-Tuned K-Swap Conversion Harness Civic 96-00 (EK)

K-Tuned Part # KTH-96-98 / KTH-99-00 (Applications: 1996-1998 or 1999-2000 EK Civic)

K-Tuned K-Swap Conversion Harness Civic 01-05 (EM2)

K-Tuned Part # KTH-01-05 (Applications: 2001-2005 EM2 Civic)

K-Tuned K-Series Tucked Engine Harness

K-Tuned Part# KTH-204-ENG
K-Tuned K-Series Tucked Engine Harness. Made using SAE certified automotive grade wiring. The military grade shrink loom is rated for - 67°F to 320°F.
For most K-Swap Cars, 02-04 RSX Type S, RSX Base or EP3 with Type S or K24 Swap using a K-Tuned Adapter Conversion Harness

K-Tuned Power Wire

K-Tuned Part# KTH-PWR-085
High grade power wire can be used for most k-series cars. It is designed to connect from the fuse box to the alternator. Overall length is approximately 85" long and can be cut to length. The kit comes with loom, heat shrink, ends, and labels. Not: Fuse box terminal has a 5mm ID hole and 12.5mm wide spade. Alternator ring terminal 10.5mm ID hole and 15mm OD. Ensure both sizes work for your application before purchasing.

K-Tuned Ground Strap (Pair)

K-Tuned Part# KTH-GWP-011
The K-Tuned ground wire kit includes two 11" long ground wires. These are great upgrade for old corroded and worn grounds. You want to run one from transmission to chassis and engine to chassis. Both connections should be to bare metal.

Budget Tucked K-Series Engine Harness V2

This Version 2 K-series engine harness was created to facilitate a more universal chassis, and harness routing preference. This style can be routed more like the OEM k-series engine harness through the center or more to the right on the firewall than it's Version 1 counterpart. This routing method is ideal for our (RHD) Right Hand Drive customers however NOT exclusive to RHD chassis and does work fine on a LHD chassis. Version 2 is also routed in a way that allows you to get around aggressive headers. Made in the USA

K-Series Chassis Harness Adapter

This adapter is made to allow the installation of a K-Series engine with the 02-04 K20 engine harness. This wire harness connects your K-Series engine harness to your chassis interior harness while adding the E-plug and all its functions. This harness is primarily made for a K-Pro or Re-Flashed ECU but can be used with a stock RSX ECU provided you have bypassed the immobilizers accordingly.