Skunk 2 Pro Series Cam Gears (Honda/ Acura B-Series All Application)

Skunk2 Part # 304-05-5202 . Skunk 2 Racing - Pro Series Adjustable Cam Gear (Titanium),
for Honda/Acura B-Series & H23 (Prelude Si 92-96) Engines
Note: Sold by the Pair

BLOX Adjustable Cam Gears for Honda B-Series DOHC (B16A - B18C1-5)

BLOX Racing adjustable cam gears are manufactured using high quality billet AL6061 and CNC-machined to precise tolerances and are ideal for tuners wanting to optimize the engine’s RPM powerband. Part # BXPT-10100

Evolution Industries Timing Gear Tool (Honda B-Series)

This innovative cam gear tool allows you to make adjustments to the timing gears without the concern of "jumping" a tooth or changing the crank timing. Can be inverted so you don't have to remove the valve cover in order to make adjustment.

Golden Eagle E8S Series Cam Gears (Gun Metal) B-Series

Application: B16A, B17A, B18A/B, B18C, B20B

Golden Eagle E8S Series Cam Gears (Gun Metal). Sold in pairs.

Golden Eagle Adjustable Cam Gears H22A VTEC

Golden Eagle MFG Part# GDC-201
Cam Gear Fitment Applications:
-92-2001 Honda Prelude H22 VTEC DOHC
-H22A (all), H23a VTEC, F20b VTEC