Evolution Industries Cam Gears

Evolution Honda B-Series Adjustable Timing Gear Set

Evolution Industries Part # EV-26911E

Evolution Honda H22A Adjustable Timing Gear Set

Evolution Industries Part # EV-26808E

This Cam Gear set works with all H22A Motors

Evolution Honda D-Series Adjustable Timing Gear

Evolution Industries Part # EV-26609E
Works with most 88-95 D-Series (SOHC) Engines

Evolution Industries Timing Gear Tool (Honda B-Series)

This innovative cam gear tool allows you to make adjustments to the timing gears without the concern of "jumping" a tooth or changing the crank timing. Can be inverted so you don't have to remove the valve cover in order to make adjustment.
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Evolution Industries Adjustable Timing Gears (Honda B-Series)

One of the fastest way to get more horsepower from your B-Series engine  is to change, or dial in , valve timing. The Evolution Industries' Adjustable Timing Gear with the exclusive "Time'n Lock" serrations allow you to this. Manufactured with an OE profile & shipped with ARP hardware, unmatched quality.

Honda B-Series Cam Gear Key Way

Genuine Honda work with Most Honda / Acura B-Series Cam Gears, OEM and Aftermarket.

Part# 90741-657-000

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GSC P-D B-series Vtec B16A/B17A/B18C Ti Washer and Bolt Kit.

Works with most Honda & Acura B-series motors VTEC & non VTEC (B16, B18, B20B, Type-R)
90-01 Acura Integra (all models), 92-97 Honda Civic Del-Sol (DOHC VTEC) & 99-00 Honda Civic SI. With aftermarket Cam Gears
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