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Supertech Valves B16A/ B18C VTEC (set of 16)

Supertech valves come in either a dished or flat bottom. The valves are black nitride treated/coated which reduce friction at high rpms. Sold as a complete set of 16 valves. These are standard sized valves, for oversized applications please contact us. FREE Shipping.

Skunk2 Lost Motion Assembly Honda B-Series VTEC

Skunk2 Part # 312-05-0200 For Acura Integra GS-R 92-01, Integra Type-R 97-01; Honda Civic Si 99-00, Del Sol VTEC 94-97. Note: This is not compatible with B-Series NON-VTEC engines. No shims required.
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Skunk2 Honda Viton Valve Stem Seal Kit

Skunk2 Part # 312-05-0100

Acura B17A1
Acura B18C1, C5
Acura D16A1, A3
Acura K20A2, A3, Z1
Acura K24A2
Honda B16A2, A3
Honda D15A2, B1, B2, B6, B7, B8, Z1
Honda D16A6, Y7, Y8, Z6
Honda F20C1
Honda F22C1
Honda K20A3, Z3
Honda K24A1, A4, A8, Z1

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Skunk2 Ultra Series K-Series Race Rockers

Skunk2 Racing Part # 348-05-0100
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Supertech Chromoly Retainers & Dual Valve Springs Combo Package

Supertech Performance Dual Valve Spring and Chromoly
Retainer Package for B-Series & K-Series Honda Applications