Supertech B-Series VTEC Steel Valve Spring Retainers

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Supertech RET-HBK-ST-16 Chromoly Steel Retainers.

Acura - 1.8l B18A1
Acura - 1.8l B18C1
Acura - 4cyl 2.0l K20
Acura - 4cyl 2.4l K24
Honda - 4cyl 1.6l B16A2
Honda - 4cyl 1.6l B16A2
Honda - 4cyl 1.6l B16A3
Honda - 4cyl 2.0l K20
Honda - Base 4cyl 2.0l F20C1
Honda - Base 4cyl 2.2l H22A4
Honda - CR 4cyl 2.2l F22C1
Honda - LX 4cyl 2.0l K20C2

Recommended for street applications.

Supertech Chrome Moly Steel Retainer Honda B/K/ H Series (Set of 16)
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