BLOX Adjustable Cam Gears for Honda B-Series DOHC (B16A - B18C1-5)

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BLOX Racing adjustable cam gears are manufactured using high quality billet AL6061 and CNC-machined to precise tolerances and are ideal for tuners wanting to optimize the engine’s RPM powerband. Part # BXPT-10100

The precision machined and hard anodized cam gear teeth ensure maximum durability, reliability and minimize premature wear. The laser-etched timing marks are clearly visible and aid the tuner to properly advance or retard the camshaft timing.
Each timing mark represents 1°

Vechile Fitment:1990-1993 Acura Integra GS L4.1834cc B18A
1997-2001 Acura Integra GS L4.1834cc B18B
1994-2001 Acura Integra GS-R L4.1797cc B18C1
1990-2001 Acura Integra LS L4.1834cc B18B/ B18A
1990-1998 Acura Integra RS L4.1834cc B18B/ B18A
1995-1996 Acura Integra Special Edition L4.1834cc B18B
1997-1998 Acura Integra Type R L4.1797cc B18C5
2000-2001 Acura Integra Type R L4.1797cc B18C
1999-2000 Honda Civic Si L4.1595cc B16A
1994-1995 Honda Civic del Sol VTEC L4.1590cc B16A
1996-1997 Honda Civic del Sol VTEC L4.1595cc B16A
1998-2001 Honda CR-V EX L4.1972cc B20B
1997-2001 Honda CR-V LX L4.1972cc B20B
2000-2001 Honda CR-V SE L4.1972cc B20B
1995 Honda Prelude SE L4.2259cc H23A
1992-1996 Honda Prelude Si L4.2259cc H23A
1992 Honda Prelude Si 4WS L4.2259cc H23A
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