Hybrid Racing 05-06 Speed Converter Box

Hybrid Racing
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Hybrid Racing Part # HYB-SPC-01-05
• Adjustable to get your speedo perfect!
• Plug and Play 4 wire setup.
• Used to convert 05+ K series transmission speed signal to the correct output.
• Less than 1" long and .5" wide.
• Lifetime Warranty

K-Swap Adjustable Speed Converter by Hybrid-Racing

Who is this converter for?

If you are running an 05+ transmission that has the speed sensor mounted on the front of the transmission this converter is for you.

Why do I need it?

The speed sensor on the 05-06 transmission outputs at a different rate than what the clusters in swapped cars inputs. Up until now most people have either opted to stay away from the 05-06 transmission, use a manual converter that they needed to painstakingly set and dial in, or swap the housing on there transmission.

We decided to make it one step easier and end all of the confusion and problems by creating a simple 4 wire plug and play kit.

Generally Ships in 2-3 Business Days