AEM CDI Short Pencil Single Coil Kit

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AEM Part # 30-2850

AEM’s new CDI Pencil Coils are now available! Easily allowing the conversion to coil-on-plug ignition systems, these Pencil Coils will work with aftermarket engine-management systems. Additionally, when Pencil Coils are used in high-boost, high-RPM, or high-compression applications, an increase in spark energy can be seen over factory smart coils. 
Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.
CDI Pencil Coil Features
Compatiable with all standard automotive spark plug including threaded tip style
Kit includes pencil coil, connector, connector pins, pin lock and weather seals
Availble in tow different lengths for optimum plug each
Two-wire CDI compataible coil
Must be used with CDI coil
Measurements: Long coils measure 6.54 inches in total length
Measurements: Short coils measure 5.64 inches in total length
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