BLOX PreOBD chassis to OBD I ECU Jumper

This harness allows you to adapt a JDM or US OBDI M/T ECU into an 88-91 Civic, CRX or a 90-91 Integra, OBD0 Chassis.  Our harness also includes a 3’ pigtail to simplify wiring any additional or required sensors to complete the installation. BLOX Part # BXAC-00700

BLOX OBD2a chassis to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness

This harness allows you to adapt a 92-95 OBD I M/T ECU into a 96-98 Civic or Del Sol, 96-99 Integra, Prelude or Accord. BLOX Part # BXAC-00701

BLOX OBD2b chassis to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness

This harness allows you to adapt a 92-95 OBD I M/T ECU into a 99-00 Civic, 00-01 Integra, Prelude or Accord. BLOX Part # BXAC-00702

OBD1/ OBD2 Distributor Jumper Harness

All plug & play, made of quality OE style plugs and encased within a nylon mesh flex loom, this Distributor Jumper Harness is about as easy as it gets for motor swaps. Can save you about 2 hrs worth of painful wiring and looks super clean.

OBD0 to OBD1/ OBD2 Distributor Harness

This OBD0 to OBD1 Distributor Jumper Harness will make your next motor swap pain free! Made with quality OE style plugs, this jumper harness will allow your OBD0 Honda to accept an OBD1 or OBD2 distributor.

Hybrid Racing K-Series Plug & Play Harness Conversion

Required when doing K-Series swaps. Available applications: 88-91 Civic/ CRX EF*, 92-00 Civic (EG/ EK) & 94-01 Integra DC. Brand new connectors and pins sourced from the same company Honda uses.

OBD1 Harness to OBD2 Injector Adapter

This Injector jumper allows you to plug and play any Obd2 injector to a Honda Obd1/0 injector clip. (4 pieces)

OBD2 Harness to OBD1 Injector Adapter

This Injector jumper allows you to plug and play any OBD1 injector to a Honda OBD2 injector clip. (4 pieces)

OBD2 10-Pin to OBD2 8-Pin Distributor Adapter

Direct plug and play. Honda Distributor Adapter
Part# DIS-2-2-10-PIN-8-PIN

OBD2 8-Pin to OBD2 10-Pin Distributor Adapter

Honda Distributor Adapter
Part# DIS-2-2-8-PIN-10-PIN

OBD1 harness to EV14/EV6/Injector Dynamics adapter

OBD1 Harness to Injector Dynamics (EV14) Injector Adapters

OBD0/ OBD1 to OBD2 Alternator Adapter

This Alternator adapter is made for a 1988 to 1995 Honda or Acura chassis, using a OBD2 (96-01) Alternator. This is also commonly used with a OBD1 Mil-spec wire tuck engine harnesses if you're using a OBD2 Alternator.

OBD1 to OBD2 8-Pin Distributor Adapter

Honda Distributor Adapter
Part# DIS-1-2-8-PIN

OBD0 to OBD1 ECU Jumper Harness

This ECU harness will allow 88-91 Honda Civic / CRX, Acura Integra and other OBD0 Honda and Acura to convert over to OBD1. Converting over allows you to use the more powerful motor found in later generations of these cars. All instructions are included for installation.

88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX. 2 point to 4 point engine wiring harness conversion

Also called a Dual to Multi Point Conversion Harness. Required when swapping on a 88-91 Civic/ CRX "DX" Model. For D16, B16A, B17A B18B, B18C and B20 Swaps. Note: Standard harness does include VTEC wiring so if you are not going to be wiring in VTEC you will have a few extra plugs. The harness is however compatible with NON-VTEC motors.

OBD1 Harness to Injector Dynamics (Denso) Injector Adapters

RW Part# Inj-adapter-1-ID2
Set of 4 Injector Adapters

RyWire Chassis Adapter for 96-98 Civic (EK OBD2a)

RW Part# B-SUB-EK-2A
Rywire 96-98 Honda Civic (2A) Chassis Specific Adapter.

OBD1 Chassis to OBD2A ECU (Reversed) ECU Conversion Harness

This OBD1 to OBD2A Honda/Acura ECU Conversion Harness allows you to use any OBD2A Honda/Acura M/T ECU in a 92-95 Civic, 92-95 Acura Integra, 92-95 Honda Accord (4 Cylinder), 92-95 Honda Prelude, and 92-95 Honda DelSol. This harness is perfect for utilizing JDM Spec ECUs that are often included with Japanese engine swaps


*The 88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX Dual to Multipoint conversion Harness requires a core. Core must be shipped to the address below before purchased item is shipped to buyer, for more information or questions regarding cores please call us at (626) 261-4052

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Note: These harnesses are warrantied and guaranteed to work, we provide installation support and troubleshooting. However our engine harnesses are non-refundable, returnable or exchangeable. Please make sure that you order the correct wiring harness for your application. If you are unsure of what you need, please contact us before ordering.