BLOX Racing TI Ramtal Shift Knob

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BLOX Racing Part# BXAC-00292
BLOX Ti Ramtal shift knobs are available in black and white finishes and can be used on 5-speed or 6-speed vehicles.
43mm diameter / 195 grams
Fits 10x1.50mm threads (Acura/ Honda)

The BLOX Racing Titanium Ramtal shift knob - by far is the best on the market. This sexy shift knob is assembled in two stages. Strong aerospace grade Titanium handle is appropriately weighted, while lightweight and cool to the touch Ramtal grip brings leverage and features a dimpled top to provide a comfortable resting position for your thumb or palm while shifting.  We added even more style by carefully CNC machining Blox Racing logo and tagline Power Your Passion at the bottom of the handle.
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