Interior & Safety

Broadway Type A Mirror

Broadway Mirror

 Scatter Proof
In the manufacturing process, special measures are taken to prevent the broken mirror to be spread out, on an accident

 High-precision chrome-finished front surface mirror
Practically free from distortion / Assures non-glareness for safter driving. Prevents double image reflection.

 Perfectly Fits
Fits the genuine mirror perfectly, thanks to the minimized depth of the mounting mechanism at the center

 Wide vision eliminating blind spots
This wide-angle mirror increases visibility, eliminating dangerous blind spots where genuine mirrors don't cover.

Broadway Air Mirror

NRG Type R Style Shift Knob

This product improves the overall look of the interior of the vehicle while providing some performance gain. Different shapes of the knob are ergonomically correct depending on shifting style. Weighted aluminum construction improves shifting by increasing inertial weight in order to allow shifter to more smoothly and quickly engage into the gear box.

Weighted Aluminum construction with different designs along with different shift patterns and inserts for various cars.
Different weights are also available

Broadway Wide Mirror

Broadway Mirror/ Marble Black

Marble Black

Password:JDM Red Stitched Shift Boot

The Password:JDM Red Stitched Shift Boot!!! If there was one single product under 30 bucks that could do wonders for your interior- this product is it! Made by the same OE supplier as the originals, these Password:JDM Red Stitched Shift boot is everything you would expect from Password:JDM.

They made these for vehicle models such as the USDM EF Civics and DA Integras as well as the EG, EK and DC. They made theres with a higher grade of material than the stock ones for lasting durability. Compare the two and you'll see the difference and why they just had to step it up. The real advantage is that you'll have something that fits perfect without any cutting or any other sort of modification. Look up close, and you will see the PWJDM "P-Circle" logo embossed perfectly to set your car apart from the rest. Our shift boots installs within minutes using only simple tools*.

NRG Quick Lock Holder

Powder-coated texture and aluminum material, compact styling and can be easily place in compact spaces. Includes all mounting hardware. Part # SRH-100

NRG 1/2 inch Quick Release Spacer

CNC machined aluminum construction. Universal 6 hole pattern. Extends your steering wheel closer by 0.5 inches. Part # SRK-500

NRG Brushed Aluminum Sport Pedal Silver w/ Black Carbon AT

NRG Part # PDL-450SL

NRG Brushed Aluminum Sport Pedal Red w/ Silver Carbon AT

NRG Part # PDL-450RD

NRG Brushed Aluminum Sport Pedal Silver w/ Black Carbon MT

NRG Part # PDL-100SL

NRG Brushed Aluminum Sport Pedal Black w/ Silver Carbon AT

NRG Part # PDL-150BK

NRG Brushed Aluminum Sport Pedal Silver w/ Black Carbon AT

NRG Part # PDL-150SL

NRG Aluminum Sport Pedal Purple/Titanium Fade MT

NRG Part # PDL-500PT