MOMO Steering Wheel hub Adapter for Honda Civic 96-00 EK, and Honda Accord 96-97
Momo Part # 4920
Sparco Steering wheel hub adapters are required to install 6 bolt Sparco wheels into your vehicle.
MOMO Steering Wheel Hub Adapter Honda Civic 2006-11
Momo Part # 4931
NRG Short Hub Adapter Part # SRK-110H for Honda Accord 90-93, Civic 92-95 EG, Del Sol 92-97, Prelude 92-96 and Acura Integra 94-00 DC2
NRG Innovations Part # SRK-130H
NRG Short Hub Adapter fits Acura CL 97-03, Honda Accord 94-02, Civic 96-00, CRV (All), Fit (All), Prelude 97-01 and *S2000 (All).
NRG Short Hub Adapter, for Honda Civic /CRX 88-91 and Acura Integra 90-93
EF/ ED/ DA  NRG Part # SRK-190H
NRG Innovations Part # SRK-131H
NRG Short Hub Adapter (with SRS Resistor) fit Acura CL 97-03, RSX 02-06, TL 97-11; Honda Accord 94-11, Civic 96-11, CRV (All), Fit (All), Prelude 97-01 and S2000 (All).
ASR machined billet aluminum steering wheel adapter is the ultimate adaptor when installing an aftermarket steering wheel.
The Circuit Hero billet steering wheel hub is machined out of a single solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum. There was no shortcuts in the creation of this hub. At 3" tall, hubs will still work great with quick-releases or hub extenders. This will be the easiest steering hub you will ever install on your car!
Part# CH-SWH
Package Includes: NRG Quick Release Kit and NRG Short Hub. For other applications not directly listed please
 refer to part number.
This NRG Quick Release package Includes: NRG Quick Release Kit, Quick Lock, & Short Hub. For other applications not directly listed please
refer to part number.