NRG Innovations Short Hubs for Volkswagen and Audi Applications
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NRG Late Model Porsche/ Audi Short hub (SRK-183H)

NRG Part# SRK-183H
The NRG iconic Short Hub, and the product that started it all. This hub was designed with our Quick Release in mind, featuring the shortest possible mounting surface while still retaining the ability to use your horn and turn signals about 99% of the time. The Anodized 6061 Aluminum construction is miles ahead of our competition, in both style and functional aspects. See for yourself.

Retain your horn
Retain your turn signals
6x70mm bolt pattern
Comes with Resistors

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NRG Short Hub 1970-1983 VW MK1 (MARK 1) SRK-186H

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-186H Short Hub for Volkswagen MKI(Mark1) 1970-83
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NRG Short Hub Porche 911 (1979-1983)

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-188H
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NRG Short Hub Adapter VW Type 1 60-74 SRK-185H

NRG Part # SRK-185H
Quick Release Short Hub adapter for Volkswagen Type 1 60-74
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NRG Short Hub Porsche Boxter 85-04 SRK-189H

NRG Part # SRK-189H Short Hub Adapter for Porsche Boxter 85-04
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NRG 72-76 Porsche Short Hub Adapter (SRK-187H)

NRG Innovations Part# SRK-187H
Hub Compatibility: 1972-1976 Porsche 914
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NRG Short Hub VW Beetle 98+ / Jetta/Golf 99-02

NRG Innovations Part # SRK-180H
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NRG Short Hub Adapter Audi/ Golf (Race Version, Black)

NRG Innovations Part# SRK-RL180H
-Up to 1" shorter overall
~Half the weight of our Short Hub in most cases
-Affordable option
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Note: Many of these components are not compatible with Factory SRS/ airbag systems & Cruise Control Systems