Tokico HP Premium Performance Strut Kits / Tokico HP Shock kits

  • Description

TOKICO Premium Performance shock absorbers (aka "Tokico Blues") have a number of features not found in other shock absorbers.

These features allow TOKICO shock absorbers to provide a superior combination of handling, stability, and ride quality. --Piston Rod Guide with Teflon® coated bushing for minimal dynamic friction and good piston-rod life. --Hardened, chrome-plated, and micro-polished piston-rod for long seal life and smooth operation. --Twice drawn over mandrel pressure tube.

Concentricity provides good sealing and minimal dynamic friction (drag). -- The heart of Tokico's shock absorber is their unique piston design. Tokico's Shocks/ Struts multi-stage variable aperture sandwich valve system with its precision plates and precise orifice control, allows a flexibility of damping control not found in other shocks. --Tokico shock oil is specially compounded for resistance to breakdown and minimal viscosity change regardless of temperature.