BLOX Shift Knobs

All BLOX Racing performance shift knobs are CNC-machined from high-grade billet aluminum or stainless steel. BLOX Racing gives enthusiasts many choices when it comes to the feel, size and shape of the shift knobs.  All BLOX Racing shift knobs are intended to increase the effects of quick-shifting and will help minimize binding.
BLOX Racing DRS Billet Aluminum shift knobs CNC-machined from high quality aluminum.
After precision-machining is completed, each billet piece is then anodized in Jet Black, Midnight Blue and Blood Red. The Type II anodizing process helps protect the shift knob from oils and makes each more durable while providing excellent visual aesthetics. Each is machined to accept reverse lock-out levels.
BLOX Racing includes black chrome and chrome logo bands.
DRS billet shift knobs are available in 10x1.5, 10x1.25 and 12x1.25 thread pitches.
Each Blox stainless steel shift knob is custom weighted at approximately 440 grams to provide positive shift engagements. The increased weight is the key attribute that makes the Blox shift knob stand out from the rest. Shift knobs are available in gun metal, bronze, and special edition colors
BLOX Racing 142 Spherical shift knobs are CNC-machined out of high quality, billet aluminum.
The BLOX Racing 490 Spherical shift knob is CNC-machined out of high grade, billet stainless steel and then custom-weighted for maximum performance. Each shift knob is then PVD-coated for superior hardness and wear resistance.
BLOX Part # BXAC-00286-AO
BLOX Part # BXAC-00286-BK
BLOX Racing Part # BXAC-00286-GD
BLOX Part # BXAC-00286-PR
BLOX Part # BXAC-00286-SI
BLOX Part # BXAC-00223-GD
BLOX Part # BXAC-00223-GM
BLOX Part # BXAC-00223-NEO

BLOX Part # BXAC-00223-TB

10x1.5 Thread Pitch Only

BLOX Part # BXAC-00240-GD
BLOX Part # BXAC-00240-GM
BLOX Part # BXAC-00240-NEO
BLOX Part # BXAC-00240-TB
BLOX Part # BXAC-00200
BLOX Part # BXAC-00201
BLOX Part # BXAC-00211
BLOX Part # BXAC-00204
BLOX Part # BXAC-00230-GD
BLOX Racing Part # BXAC-00230-GM
BLOX Part # BXAC-00230-NEO
BLOX Part # BXAC-00230-TB
Please note that some BLOX Shift Knobs are special order. Therefore please alow at least 7-10 business days for your order to ship. For NON-Honda Thread Pitch Shift Knobs please allow 2-6 weeks.  If you would like to check availability of a specific knob before ordering please contact us.