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APEXi AFC Neo Fuel/ VTEC Computer (Version 2)

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A'PEXi AFC NEO "V2" Color Display Air Flow Converter (Matte Black)
New version with slimmer case design.  Part # APX-401-A018

These A'PEXi Super AFC NEO fuel computers are the newest additions to the world-famous Super AFC line of piggyback fuel controllers. Building upon the powerful SAFC II, they have taken piggyback-style fuel control to a new level. The A'PEXi Super AFC NEO fuel computers boast an incredible 16 points of user-definable fuel correction. VTEC® control has also been incorporated for Honda®/Acura® applications. A complete monitor mode is also available to keep the driver/tuner informed of critical engine data.

Additional features include:

* Completely new case design
* Compact design
* Incorporates both AFC and VAFC functions in one unit
* Color FED display
* User-defined button and background colors
* Inverted "anti-glare" screen
* Monitor mode includes rpm, throttle, battery voltage, correction percentage, airflow percentage, pressure, Karmann, and VTEC® controller
* Setting mode includes air map, air map graph, throttle point, deceleration air, and VTEC® controller
* ETC mode includes model select, mode select, car select, sensor select, analog scale, warning set, display set, and sensor check