ECU Tuning

Honda/ Acura


ECU Upgrade *SSR Custom Spec (OBD1 p28, p30, p72 only)

Skunk 2 spec. program *(OBD1 p28, p30, p72 only)

Mugen spec. program *(OBD1 p28, p30,p72 only)

JUN spec program *(OBD1 p28, p30, p72 only)

Swap Shop Racing spec chip.*(OBD1 p28, p30, p72 only)

SSR spec. chip NON-VTEC OBD1 *(p06, pr4, p75 only)

OBD 0 (pre obd)

Swap Shop Spec. CRX Si 90-91 (pm6) & INTEGRA LS 90-91 (pr4)*

Spoon Spec JDM CRX 89-91 B16A (pr3)*

Mugen Spec JDM CRX 89-91 B16A (pr3)*

Feels Spec JDM CRX 89-91 B16A (pwo)*

K20A (RSX) ECU Upgrades

ECU Conversion Harness

Skunk2 OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness

This conversion harness offers a pain free alternative for owners of 1996-2001 Honda/Acura vehicles hindered by the factory OBDII ECU.  This conversion harness, along with an OBDI ECU, will convert the vehicle to OBDI.  Simply plug one side of the harness into the OBDI ECU, and the other side to the factory engine harness.  No cutting or soldering is needed.  For optimum results, use with Skunk2 Racing modified ECU program.   FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY

*To purchase an ECU upgrade.Choose your upgrade. Click "buy-it  now" button, proceed & with check out. ECU upgrade price

includes the return shipping of your Chipped ECU. However you must "SHIP US YOUR CORE ECU" so that we may preform your

upgrade. Once we receive your stock ECU we reprogram it & ship it back to you. We are not responsible for lost or damaged

goods during this process. All cores must be the same as selection. Specifations given are aproximent and may vary from ECU

to ECU. Call for more info.If you don't have a core check out our used parts site  we may have it

 Shipping Address: Swap Shop Racing * 650 n Barranca #A * Covina Ca. 91723.