BLOX 490 Spherical Shift Knobs

The BLOX Racing 490 Spherical shift knob - by far - exploded on to the performance and show scene.  The 490 Spherical is CNC-machined from high grade, stainless steel.  Each measures 50mm and is counter-weighted to 490 grams.  The 490 Spherical shift knobs undergo the same PVD treatment as the 5- and 6-speed Type-R shift knobs.  Each are available in four different matte finishes and can be used on 5-speed or 6-speed vehicles.

BLOX 490™ Spherical Gold Shift Knob

BLOX Part # BXAC-00223-GD

BLOX 490™ Spherical Torch Blue Shift Knob

BLOX Part # BXAC-00223-TB

10x1.5 Thread Pitch Only

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