BLOX Type-R Style Shift Knobs

The BLOX Racing 5- and 6-speed Type-R shift knobs are CNC-machined from high grade, stainless steel.  Each is then counter-weighted to 450 grams and then PVD-treated in four different matte finishes.  The BLOX Racing Type-R shift knob is also referred to as the "tear drop".

BLOX "Original" Type-R Shift Beanie

BLOX Part# BXAP-00031
BLOX Racing 2017 Honda Type R In long in Shift Knob Cover Neoprene - Fits BLOX Knobs
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BLOX Round Shift Knob Beanie

BLOX Part# BXAP-00032
BLOX Racing Round Shift Knob Cover Neoprene Fits Blox Knobs and Other Spherical Knobs up to 2 in
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