O2 Sensor Extension Kit

This extension kit has been created using OEM spec plugs and wiring, ensuring you a part that will last the life of your vehicle. Available in 16” or 32” lengths (fits most US spec Honda 4 wire O2 sensors)

OBD0 VTEC Conversion Subharness

This subharness will add wires for your VTEC Solenoid, VTEC Oil Pressure Switch, 2nd Oxygen Sensor and Knock Sensor to your 88-91 CRX HF/Si.

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K-Tuned Power Wire

K-Tuned Part# KTH-PWR-085
High grade power wire can be used for most k-series cars. It is designed to connect from the fuse box to the alternator. Overall length is approximately 85" long and can be cut to length. The kit comes with loom, heat shrink, ends, and labels. Not: Fuse box terminal has a 5mm ID hole and 12.5mm wide spade. Alternator ring terminal 10.5mm ID hole and 15mm OD. Ensure both sizes work for your application before purchasing.
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K-Tuned Ground Strap (Pair)

K-Tuned Part# KTH-GWP-011
The K-Tuned ground wire kit includes two 11" long ground wires. These are great upgrade for old corroded and worn grounds. You want to run one from transmission to chassis and engine to chassis. Both connections should be to bare metal.
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RW Ground Kit

Rywire Part# GROUND-KIT
The Rywire ground kit features:
- (1) 4 Gauge 20 inch long battery cable. (ring terminal style)
- (3) 8 Gauge 14 inch long ground wires.

The 3 shorter ground cables can be used for Front and Rear Transmission grounds as well as your Head/Valve cover ground.

AAAll grounds are protected with DR-25 high temp shrink.

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Honda B/D/H/K-Series Charge Harness

This charge harness for the starter and alternator leads. Made to use with D/B/F/H and K series tucked engine harnesses.

Rywire Race Style Chassis Adapter Relay/Fuse Box

Race Style Chassis Adapter Relay/Fuse Box for Ry-Wire B-Series, D-Series and H-Series Tuck Harnesses
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Rywire Flying Lead Race (Universal) for B/D/H-Series

Flying Lead Race (Universal) for B/D/H-Series Harnesses Chassis Specific Adapter for Ry-Wire B-Series, D-Series and H-Series Tuck Harnesses
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96-99 Acura Integra (2A) Chassis Specific Harness Adapter

For Ry-Wire B-Series Budget Tuck Harnesses (OBD1 & OBD2) Part# B-SUB-EG-2A
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OBD1 / OBD2 VTEC Conversion Subharness

This subharness will add VTEC, VTEC Oil Pressure, Knock and IAB wiring to your chassis.
Note: These harnesses are warrantied and guaranteed to work, we provide installation support and troubleshooting. However our engine harnesses are non-refundable, returnable or exchangeable. Please make sure that you order the correct wiring harness for your application. If you are unsure of what you need, please contact us before ordering.