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PLM Power Driven H-Series SP TRI-Y Header (4-2-1)

Private Label MFG
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PLM Private Label Mfg. Power Driven H22 SP HEADER (H22A F20B) features a true step up exhaust header design. The one-piece design header delivers low to mid range power while maximizing engine compartment space for this exhaust manifold. The header is ideal for all forms of competition; auto-cross, drag racing and road racing.

 Recommended for H22 engine swap cars with H-Series motors & H-series transmissions.

This is made specifically for H22 motors with H-series transmissions
Will fit H22 engine swaps and Honda Preludes
Power Steering P/S and A/C compatible (Slim fan recommended)
Brand New In Box Made of Stainless steel One year limited warranty Long tube Tri-Y header True 2.5" collector Machined CNC-ed manifold flange Flange is .38" which is just about 3/8" thick 18G on the S/S. Measured at .049" to .050" One piece design Power Steering P/S and A/C compatible (slim fan recommended)

*May require modification to exhaust flange or Catalytic-Converter and or Crossmember modification depending on your chassis. Several aftermarket Crossmembers are available for most applications to ensure proper fitment on these vehicles. Also if you are installing this header on a Automatic or SH Prelude you may need to switch your oil pan to a standard steel M/T oil pan.

Please Note that these H22A VTEC TRI-Y Race Headers are NOT AC Compatible and further installation modifications may necessary for some applications. For H2B Swaps please use the High End H2B Conversion Header.

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