MSD 6BTM Ignition Control (with Boost Timing Master)

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MSD Part# 6462
MSD 6BTM Ignition Control with Boost Timing Master; 4, 6 Cylinder (even-fire only) and 8-Cylinder

The 6BTM is ideal for engines with a turbo or supercharger. Not only will the engine benefit from MSD's full power CD sparks, but there is also an adjustable boost/timing retard circuit to prevent detonation. When your supercharger (turbo or blower) forces the air/fuel ratio into the engine, the cylinder pressure inside the combustion chamber increases. The result is a great amount of power but this can also lead to detonation which can result in severe engine damage. The 6BTM lets you dial away detonation by retarding the timing in relation to the boost pressure. By electronically controlling the ignition timing your engine can run on the threshold of detonation to obtain maximum power and efficiency. The BTM features a dash mounted control knob that lets you adjust the amount of timing retard, It can be adjusted from 1 degree per pound of boost to 3 degrees per pound. The boost pressure is monitored by a sensor built into the MSD.


  • All new housing, digital circuits and performance
  • Built-in 2-Step rev control – with rotary dials
  • Higher output with up to 135mJ and 535 volts
  • Accepts Hall-effect, points and mag pickup triggers
  • Managed by an efficient digital control