MSD Ignition

MSD 6AL Ignition

MSD Part# 6425
MSD 6AL Ignition Control with Rev Limiter; 4, 6 Cylinder (even-fire only) and 8-Cylinder

MSD 6BTM Ignition Control (with Boost Timing Master)

MSD Part# 6462
MSD 6BTM Ignition Control with Boost Timing Master; 4, 6 Cylinder (even-fire only) and 8-Cylinder

MSD Blaster 2 Coil

MSD Part# 8202
MSD Blaster 2 Coil (Red Housing) for MSD Ignition and late Model Applications.

MSD Street Blaster Coil, E-Core (8207)

MSD Part# 8207
MSD Blaster SS Coil, can be used with stock ignitions or CD ignitions and is supplied with vibration mounts.

MSD Blaster HVC Coil

MSD Pro Power Coil

MSD Pro Power HVC Coil



MSD Part# 8920
MSD Tach/Fuel Adapter (Magnetic Trigger Installations or Current Triggered Tachometers)

MSD Digital-6 Plus Ignition Control 6520

MSD Part# 6520
The MSD Digital-6 Plus Ignition Control embraces advanced digital technology to take performance ignitions into the 21st century. No other digital ignition can match the power and efficiency of the MSD Digital-6 Plus.