K-Tuned Air Induction System - 92-95 Honda Civic or 94-01 Acura Integra with K20A2

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K-Tuned Part# KTD-CAV-300

K-Tuned intake system for your K-series swapped car. This intake is designed to fit engines that are using the original intake manifold.

So you've swapped a new motor into your Civic…now what do you do about getting an air intake that fits? Do you order one for the chassis, or for the engine? Will a chassis system fit, or will it sacrifice performance, or both? Relax, we've done the R&D for you!

Unlike other swap intakes our design points the filter upwards so it’s away from water. The aluminum piping is fully polished and we use high quality 4-ply silicone connectors. It allows the use of all factory sensors and comes complete with the required hose to hook everything up. This is an original K-Tuned design and it is custom fit for K-swapped EG’s DC’s, and EK’s.


Key Features:


Designed to fit with the original intake manifold or RBC / RCC Manifold

Cold-air design places the filter behind the driver side bumper

Filter points upward to keep it away from water

Allows use of all factory sensors

Mounting tab keeps the intake firmly in place

Includes Velocity Coupler

Optional V-Stack

NOTE: This kit requires removal or relocation of the windshield washer bottle

*Note this product can not be sold in California. Any California sales will be refunded and the order canceled. Our apologies for the inconvenience please contact us with any questions at 626-261-4052.