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Innovative Mounts AWD 96-00 Civic EK Rear Differential subframe mount

Innovative Mounts
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Innovative Mounts AWD Rear Differential Conversion Mount Kit for the 1996-2000 Honda Civic 
Designed to use the 88-91 Wagon or 96-06 Element/CRV rear differential
Innovative Mounts Part# 103460

*Custom colors available through the website only! Please allow 2 weeks extra for custom colors/anodizing*

- Easy removal of top mount
- Sway bar provisions
- CAD/CAM Designed
- Stress Analyzed
- Lifetime Warranty

Notching of rear sub-frame required. For installation, connect differential to rear mount and bolt to subframe. Use a jack to level the front of differential with the drivetrain and bolt in the top mount using Rivnuts. Rivnuts require a 13.5mm or 17/32 drill bit.

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