Hasport AWD Mounts for 92-95 Civic/ Del-Sol (EG/EJ) and 94-01 Integra (DC) Applications.

Hasport 92-95 Civic / 93-97 Del Sol / 94-01 Integra AWD B-Series Mount Kit (3-bolt Left) with rear bracket Part # DC2AWD

Hasport Part# EGKAWD
EG/DC Dual Height K-Series Mount Kit
EGKAWD mount kit also works with the K-series CRV and Element AWD or FWD (Manual Transmission)
Hasport Part# EGK5
Performance mount kit for K-series engine swaps into the 92-95 Civic and all years of the Civic Del Sol. After making some modifications to the engine bay, this mount kit makes swapping the K-series engine into the EG Civic and Civic Del Sol a bolt in procedure.
Hasport Part# EGKAWDRRB
K-Series Rear Engine Bracket for:
AWD Manual K24 CR-V Transmission
Convert your existing EGK2 or EKK2 mount kits to use the AWD transmission.
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Hasport Part# EGBRHAWD
This mount allows the installation of a B-Series hydraulic manual AWD transmission into the 94-01 Integra manual and 92-95 Civic manual chassis
Hasport Part# EGRBAWD
EG B-series AWD rear bracket for 92-95 Honda Civic
(Includes Hardware)
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