Tokico Illumina Advanced Suspension Kit

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Whether you are going to the track or just cruising the streets, the Tokico Illumina Advanced Suspension Kit is sure to fit your needs.

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Tokico is one of the worlds leading manufacturers for shock absorbers today. They have been manufacturing shock absorbers and other hydraulic products for over 50 years. In the mid 1970’s Tokico developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock design, a technology that has been adopted world-wide. Since then, Tokico has improved its products and continues to provide the industry with extraordinary new innovations.

One of these innovations is the Tokico Illumina Advanced Suspension Kit. These kits come with Tokico’s Illumina shocks as well as Tokico’s Performance Lowering Springs. Together they offer exceptional ride quality and unmatched handling characteristics.

The Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks and struts allow users to fine tune their suspension for different environments using only a screwdriver. Internally, the Tokico Illumina shock’s sophisticated adjustment system incorporates a unique multi-stage, variable-aperture piston and valve system combined with a five-position bypass shutter-valve. A shutter-valve detent permits making easy adjustments, so that you can make changes on the fly and still know which settings you’ve chosen. Five different configurations of simultaneous rebound and compression damping are available, making the Tokico Illumina shocks and struts extremely versatile.

Tokico’s Performance Lowering Springs were designed to work with the Illumina adjustable shocks to provide optimal spring rates and a proper ride height. They are made from a chrome silicon alloy and are heat treated, blockset, phosphate treated and powder coated to ensure maximum durability. These springs can withstand even the roughest road conditions.

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