Function & Form Type-2 Coilovers Acura NSX 90-05

Function & Form
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Function & Form Part# F2-NAT2

- One year warranty.

- 32 levels of dampening adjustments.

- Dampening adjustments made with a knob that "clicks at each level.

- Steel construction of lower mounts for maximum strength.

- Pillow ball mounts.*

- Adjustable ride height from the bottom mount.

- [1] * Special oil lubrication to withstand conditions from -40 degrees C to 200 degrees C

- [2] * Dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort.
- Double wishbone piston size 43mm.

*Depending on applications.

[1] This allows the user to retain full shock travel, while being able to lower the car significantly.

[2] Allowing the shock to perform in even the most demanding environments.

Feature: Spring Rates F=12Kg, R=8kg