Function & Form Autolife is a stateside suspension specialist which focuses on entry level & track ready coilovers for most make and models.

One of their best selling coilovers, Type II's, have features including 32-way dampening adjustability, wireless dampening adjustable (wi-damp) and adjustable camber plates. Function & Form also cater to those who are seeking height adjustment only coilovers, the Type I. Look for Function & Form as one of your most qualified suspension choices.

We are an authorized direct Function Form Dealer. *We will beat or match any advertised price on Function Form Products.
*Please note due to the current high demand and low production rate of many suspension systems. All suspension purchases are considered pre-order expected to ship in 6 to 8 weeks from the date of purchase. If you require something within a specific time frame please contact us before placing your order to verify availability.