NRG 5 Pt 3 inch Seat Belt Harness with Cam Lock

NRG Innovations
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NRG Innovations Part # SBH-6PC

 6 Point Cam Lock : Black
Seat Belt Harness
Nylon belts are double reinforced
Heavy Duty Cam-Lock buckle and High Grade nylon belts (2" width) provide the utmost quality protection
Heavy Duty Cam-Lock buckle steel adjusters
These units provide additional support when performing any sport or competition driving
Mounting brackets and hardware included
Available in 3" width for added support and safety

Though safety is the number one priority among car manufactures when designing seat belts, they also have to take in consideration comfort, accessibility and cost. What they came up with is what we see now in all vehicles, the 3 point seat belt harness. Even though this type of harness has been tested to be safe, it may not be adequate for race vehicles that routinely push their braking systems to its limits, or that can handle high speed collisions and rollovers. For a race driver to be completely safe in their vehicle during any type of accident, they must be securely strapped into their seat. The NRG 4 point and 5 point seat belt harness was designed to do just that.

The NRG 5 Point Race Seat Belt Harness was designed with additional strength for pure competition driving purposes. The NRG 5 Point Race Seat Belt Harness features double reinforced high grade 3” nylon belts that connect to a heavy duty steel cam lock type buckle. Steel adjusters and mounting brackets are used for additional strength and security. Available is several colors, black, blue and red, to complement aftermarket race bucket seats. The NRG 5 Point Race Seat Belt Harness is ideal for competition race vehicles that require safety equipment that perform. Please be sure to follow recommended installation procedures. A safety harness can fail or even cause serious injury if not properly installed.

The NRG Seat Belt Race Harness / Cam Lock features:

Required for all competition vehicles
5 point race harness for competition use
Safely secures driver into seat and safer then standard 3 point seat belts
Maintains body position for optimum vehicle control
Designed to secure driver during high speed collisions and accidents
Features a 3" double reinforced nylon belts with steel cam lock type buckle
Steel adjusters and mounting brackets for strength
Available in several colors: Black, Blue and Red

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