True2Spec 2.5 inch Resonated Test Pipe

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True2Spec 2.5 Test Pipes are a must for JDM fellas who want the extra HP normally lost with the use of a cat. These Test Pipes are engineered and built by PWJDM for PWJDM.

Made of T-304 Stainless, the True2Form Test Pipes are designed with Form, Function and Perfect fitment for all intended applications. All True2Form Test Pipes are 2 pieces in construction and are both telescopic and clock-able to accommodate a larger selection of Hondas. Being a True 2.5”, these are the largest diameter test pipes available on the market. You have a choice of either resonated or a straight flow design. Adding power has never been easier, than just unbolting a cat and replacing it with one of these. The Resonator chambered design will drop Db levels quite a bit compared to the straight flow version.

Robotically TIG welded, our Password:JDM True2Form Test Pipes are made using nothing but the best as always. Mill cast T-304 Stainless Flange, T-304 2.5 inch Pipes, are mated together using a precision robotic TIG welder for unmatched quality. Point blank, you won’t find a better test pipe for any price anywhere! Another great product from Password:JDM, what else would you expect from us?


Most Honda cars with D, B, H, F series engines and Hybrid K series cars. Adjustment length: 15.5" to 19.5"

*For off-road use only. Please check with local law pertaining to emission control on vehicles.

Currently BackOrdered please Call for availability (626) 261-4052


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