Skunk2 K-Series Alpha Valve Spring Set

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Skunk2 Tuner Series Honda/Acura (K20/K24/F20C/F22C) DOHC VTEC Alpha Valve Spring Set (Dual Springs)
Skunk2 Part# 311-05-1380

Manufactured exclusively from super-clean, chrome-silicone wire milled in Japan, Skunk2’s Alpha Valve Springs for Honda's K Series engines are a product of the company’s years of racing and engine building experiences. By using inner and outer springs mated together through a slight interference fit and with differing frequencies, Alpha Valve Springs are able to prevent valve float and maintain valvetrain stability at engine speeds in excess of 10,000 rpm.


Skunk2 designs, develops, and tests its entire valvetrain lineup in-house to ensure superior quality and maximum performance gains. During development, each valvetrain component is tested both on the dyno and the road, including 11,000 rpm drag racing engines and 17,000 rpm superbikes. Manufactured from the best materials available, Skunk2 valvetrain components provide exceptional performance, reliability, and quality and remain standard-issue on each Skunk2 vehicle that we build and support.

2003 - 2007 Honda Accord (2.4L EX/LX)2002 - 2011 Honda Civic (2.0L Si)2002 - 2009 Honda CR-V (2.4L EX/LX)2003 - 2011 Honda Element (2.4L EX/LX)2002 - 2006 Acura RSX (2.0L Type S)2004 - 2008 Acura TSX (2.4L K24A2)

NOTE: When using Skunk2 Titanium Retainers on 2004 and newer engines, pre-2004 locks (keepers/cotters) must be used! Pre-2004 keepers can be identified by the absence of marks along the top edge (2004 and newer keepers feature laser-etched marks along the top edge). Proper retainer/lock selection is important due to varying angle ratios between earlier and later lock designs. Use of improper retainers and/or locks may result in serious engine damage.

Seat Pressure: 60 lbs at 1.600”
Open Pressure: 220 lbs at 1.100”
Coil Bind: 1.000”

Must Use Skunk2 PN 312-05-0010 (Spring Bases) to Install Dual Springs in Single Spring K Series Heads or Install These Springs in F20C/F22C Engines