96-00 Honda CIVIC B16A Swap Mounts Billet

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Innovative 96-00 Civic B/D Series Silver Aluminum Mounts 75A Bushings (2 Bolt)
Part# B10050-75a

Replacement Billet Mount Kit For 1996-2000 Honda Civic EJ/EK/EM and 1997-2000 Acura EL MB This Mount Kit requires the 97-01 CR-V B20 99-00 Civic Si B16 Engine timing belt Post Bracket SKU: B50050

Innovative Engine Mounts are designed for performance applications. Our Brackets and bushings are made to reduce Engine vibration; however, you may experience increased vibrations depending on your Engine and other modifications.

Our performance Engine Mounts remove the dampening oil containers harbored by OEM/stock Mounts. Changing the Engine Mounts can reduce drivetrain movement which can increase traction.

Suitable Replacement for Honda OEM Mount part numbers:

50805-S04-000 B10020)
50820-S04-013 B10010)
0824-S04-013 10010-SB)
50810-SR3-983 B10130)
Weight: 12 lbs.

Factory Engine Mounts get the job done, but they werenot Engineered to withstand the added stresses of increased power, nor where they designed to be visually pleasing.

The Innovative Mounts B10050 96-00Honda Civic Mount Kit was designed With enthusiasts in mind so not Only do they work great for B Series Engine conversions but they crafted from Steel to enhance your Engine baysappeal. This Mount Kit is ideal for all B Series conversionand also works With all factory D-Series Engines.

Upgrading the stiffness of your Engine Mount bushings will reduce Engine movement which allows the drivetrain to transfer power tothe wheels more efficiently. Our no-tear bushing design makes installation easier while dampening Engine vibrations that reduce the shock felt inSide of the Passenger cabin.

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