1994-01 PRELUDE(H22A)(EGR mount kit included) Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifold

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Skunk2 Part # 307-05-0300
Note: EGR mount kit included
*Not Compatible With most Civic/CRX H22A Engine Swaps


1997 - 2001 Honda Prelude (Base)
1993 - 1996 Honda Prelude (Si VTEC)
Honda H22A

Ideal for turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications.
 Eliminated secondary butterflies for improved airflow and horsepower.
 Not directly compatible when used in Civic or Integra chassis; clearance modifications are required.
 70mm throttle body opening can be port-matched up to 74mm.
 Not compatible with all engine swaps

More than a decade ago, Skunk2's engineers revolutionized Honda performance by creating the first-ever, high-flow, cast aluminum intake manifold. Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifold for Honda’s H-series features a larger plenum and oversized runners when compared to the OEM version for maximum horsepower and torque gains. Instead of producing a manifold with a significantly oversized plenum and excessively short runners that would sacrifice mid-range power, the Pro Series manifold was designed for the “street enthusiast” who wants more power but doesn’t want to sacrifice mid-range performance to get it. The results are improved airflow, an enhanced venturi effect, and both mid-range and top-end power gains.

 Skunk2’s cast-aluminum Pro Series Intake Manifolds for   Honda’s H-series engines are a direct-fit replacement for all H-series engines and are compatible with all factory sensors. Pro Series Intake Manifolds offer horsepower and torque gains greater than competitors’ manifolds but without compromising mid-range power output. The design incorporates specially tapered runners as well as a larger, tapered plenum that together preserve mid-range power but increase and accelerate airflow to allow for significant top-end power gains. Pro Series Intake Manifold runner exits are also machined to best match the cylinder head’s ports. Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifold’s shape and design also increases wave scavenging effects at the engine’s ideal operating range, which allow for a broad increase in usable power.

 Skunk2 is a familiar name in the intake manifold business, with more than 10 years of experience designing, testing, and building them. Similar to OEM manifolds, Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifolds are shell-molded from 356-aluminum, CNC-machined for superior strength, a precise fit, and a high-quality finish, and vacuum-tested for quality. Each manifold is molded with smooth transitions from the throttle body opening to the plenum to the runners with clean parting lines for an optimal finish, both inside and out and features a genuine Skunk2 nameplate.