Greddy Steering Wheel Lock

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Greddy Part# 18001844

·The metal wire handle lock makes it easy to put on, and the visible deterrence has an outstanding anti-theft effect.

·Firmly lock the seat belt buckle Pass the metal wire through the inside of the steering wheel and insert the lock into the seat belt buckle until it clicks.

·It's compact, so it's easy to store.It can be stored on the dashboard by folding it, and it weighs about 440g.

·Dedicated key that is resistant to picking A dedicated key with an internal groove that is highly resistant to crime is used. (Used when canceling.)

·Metal wire type
·Overall length: about 690mm
·Lock part size: about 104mm x 58mm x 48mm (excluding protrusions)
·Weight: about 440g

·Steering lock body
·3 dedicated keys
·2 cleaning cloths
·2 security stickers