COP RSX/S2000 Coil harness

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Acura RSX / Honda S2000 Coil Harness w/K-Series Coil

This is a coil harness made for the use of RSX/S2000 coils with no need for a CDI ignition box.
Also included in the harness is the AEM EPM or T1 Cam Trigger wiring for cam and crank pickup.
It is made to plug right into the AEM EMS, plug and play, as well as the Motec or any other standalone.

This harness plugs directly into the K-series and S2000 coils; The AEM EPM, and AEM EMS (Series 1 or 2) work with this.
If you have any other standalone computer, like Motec, AEM Infinity, or AEM EMS-4, we have the computer pins for you: Select "Other" on the computer connector type selection & include it in the notes on checkout.

Included is everything seen in the product picture. It comes with all the connectors in the image, and you can select OBD1, OBD2a, OBD2b, or "Other", computer pins.

*Installation varies depending on setup. Please use your Cam/Crank Trigger wiring diagram and Stand alone computer schematic to install this harness*

Generally Ships in 1-2 weeks depending on options selected.

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