Ferrea K20 Comp Series Roller Rocker Set

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Ferrea Part# RR1004
Ferrea Honda K20 Comp Roller Rocker Arms - Set of 8

2.0L- DOHC V-TEC 16 VALVE (K20)References: Drag Racing Appl. Aluminum-Magnesium CNC machined. Stock rocker assembly mass: 307grams. Ferrea rocker assembly mass: 160grams (48% less mass than factory rockers)Stock fulcrum mass: 134grams. Ferrea fulcrum mass: 78grams. Can be used with Ferrea, stock or any aftermarket camshafts. Uses center lobe only, must use stand alone ECU tuning system. To work properly. you must disconnect the VTEC function & remove the "lost-motion assembly" components
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