Buddy Club Valve Spring Retainers

The Buddy Club P1 Racing Spec Titanium Retainers are designed to reduce overall valve train mass yet, provide excellent strength for high-reving engines with high lift cams, and are coated with PVD black nitride, friction reducing, coating, to make it last up to 3x longer than uncoated retainers.

Applications: B-Series Engines K-Series iVTEC Engines

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Nippon Racing JDM Turbo Honda B-Series Piston Kit with Eagle Rods

For Honda/Acura B-Series (B18A/ B18B/ B18C/ B16A) USDM and JDM Engines. Nippon Racing Performance Full Floating Turbo 81mm Standard Size to 85mm Oversized B-Series Pistons. 81mm-85mm Pistons with Rings. Eagle 4340 High Strength Steel Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods with Custom ARP Bolts.

This is a Full Floating Piston and Ring Set with Forged Eagle Rods. This is for a complete set of 4 Brand New Pistons, Rings**, and Eagle Forged Connecting Rods . Nippon Racing Pistons are a perfect addition to *any Honda B-Series Turbo Engine Build.