96-00 Civic (EJ/EK/EM) B-Series Rear T-Brackets

Innovative Mounts B-Series Rear Mount Bracket 96-00 Civic

Innovative Mounts Part # 50031

Innovative Mounts Rear T Bracket Designed to fit all B series motors. CAD/CAM Designed. Stress Analyzed. Lifetime warranty.

Hasport B-series Rear Bracket 96-00 Civic

Hasport Part # EKRB
Rear Engine Bracket for 96-00 Civic with B-series engine.

Rear Engine Bracket for 96-00 Civic w/ B-Series swap

This is an Honda OEM rear engine bracket from a JDM 96-00 Civic w B16A which is required when performing a B-series engine swap into any 96-00 Civic chassis.

EMI Rear Engine Bracket for 96-00 Honda Civic B-Series Swaps

Engine Mount Innovations replacement rear engine bracket for 96-00 Honda Civic EK B-Series (includes lifetime warranty). Part # EMI-EKO-31