91-94 240SX

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Skunk2 L15B7 Ultra Valve Springs and Spring Base Kit

Skunk2 Part# 313-05-9400

Skunk2 Ultra Stage 2 Camshaft L15B7 1.5T DOHC

Skunk2 Part# 305-05-9500
Skunk2 Ultra Stage 2 Camshafts for the L15B7 are designed as a street/strip cam that begins to make power after 3500rpm. Torque steadily increases from 3500rpm to a maximum gain of +30lb-ft at 4800rpm, and then holds +20lb-ft gain all the way to redline. Horsepower reaches a peak gain of +30hp from 5600rpm to redline. Stage2 cams require high-lift valve springs.

Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshaft L15B7 1.5T DOHC

Skunk2 Part# 305-05-9400
Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Cams for L15B7 are designed as a ‘drop-in’ cam and make +15-20 hp and +20-30 lb-ft of torque from idle to 4200rpm, and +10hp  and +10 lb-ft of torque from 4200rpm to redline. This cam is the an excellent street cam for drivers that want the greatest torque gains in the low to mid rpm ranges and moderate gains in the higher rpm range.

Cometic Street Pro Honda DOHC VTEC B16A B18C Bottom End Kit

Cometic PRO2003B Street Pro Honda 1994-01 DOHC B16A2/A3 B18C1/C5 Bottom End Kit

Cometic Street Pro Honda B18A/B18B Non-VTEC DOHC Bottom End Kit

Cometic PRO2004B Street Pro Honda 1990-01 DOHC B18A1/B1 Non-VTEC Bottom End Kit

NPR Honda D-Series Piston Ring Set 75mm (D16)

NPR Part# SWH30362ZZ
Nippon Piston Ring OEM Replacement Piston Ring Set. Complete Set of D16A/ D16Z6 NPR Piston Rings. This set will also fit all Honda D-Series Engines with Nippon Racing pistons and a Standard 75mm bore size.