Installation instructions for a B-series Engine into a 84-87 Civic/CRX

 The following is a quick overview of the installation procedure for installing a B-series motor into the 84-87 Civic and CRX using Innovative Mount Kit # 18750 . This kit works for the B16A/B, B17A, B18A/B/C, and B20B/Z engines w cable transmission.

Please Note: Some intake manifolds will interfere with the firewall, so modifications may need to be made. Also if you are installing a 92-01 B-Series Engine you may need to change the left hand post bracket (on the timing belt side of the engine) to one from a 90-93 Integra Engine.


1. Bolt the right hand bracket to the frame rail to the car. Use the supplied hardware for

the 4 small bolt holes. For the larger bolt hole under the frame rail use the factory mount


2. Bolt the rear mount to the rear engine cross-member

3. Bolt the transmission mount to the transmission

4. Before bolting the engine in the engine bay you will need to put a dent in the left-hand

frame rail for alternator pulley clearance (we also recommend using a smaller alternator belt

for added clearance).

5. Bolt the engine in the car. For the rear engine bracket, make sure you have Honda part

number 50827-S04-N10. This bracket comes from a 99-00 Civic Si.


Notes: You must use an SK7 Manual Transmission Intermediate Shaft (90-93 Integra Style) with custom  axles.
On an 84-87 Civic you will need knuckles from the 86-89 Integra. Be sure to adjust your toe -in/out after changing to the Acura knuckles. As with most swaps we recommend leaving all mounts "finger tight" with the engine properly secured, until your engine/ mounts are in place.

Other things you may need:
EK B-Series T-Bracket – Rear Bracket
Complete set of custom axles
Wiring Harness Conversion
Custom Length Shift B-Series Linkage


Disclaimer: This installation guide is intended as a quick reference for our customers. It is based on our shop's experience as well as other technical resources and is not a direct representation of any company. If you have further questions regarding your swap feel free to contact us 626-261-4052.