Hybrid Racing Stainless Shift Knob MAXIM Honda/ Acura Countersunk

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-NOB-01-17
Brushed Stainless Steel - Countersunk

Hybrid Racing Stainless Shift Knob "MAXIM" Honda/ Acura Standard

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-NOB-01-18
Brushed Stainless Steel - Standard

Hybrid Racing Stainless Shift Knob Maxim Titanium (Honda/ Acura)

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-NOB-01-16
Universal Honda/ Acura Thread Pitch

Hybrid Racing Maxim Shift Boot Collar

Hybrid Racing Part# BCA-01-10
-Machined Aluminum
-Stainless Steel Sleeve
-Three-stage finish with anodizing
-Includes elastic retaining band
-Works with most OEM & aftermarket knobs
-M10x1.5 thread

Hybrid Racing Dust Titanium Shift Boot Collar M10x1.5 Thread

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-BCA-01-11
Machined Titanium
Stainless Steel Sleeve
Dust Titanium & Blue finish
Includes elastic retaining band
Works with all OEM & aftermarket knobs
M10x1.5 thread